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memorial day.

yesterday i had a belated mother’s day hangout with my mom. she’s hardworking and old-schooled, so she never really has a day off. but memorial day being a national holiday, we both had an entire day free to ourselves. we started the morning off by going to fort tryon park and the cloisters. she really enjoyed the flowers and nature there, which reminded her of her childhood growing up in the countryside of korea. afterwards we decided to head over to get some lobster rolls, since she’s never tried one before. after our meal we walked around central park, which was another first for her as well. she’s worked in midtown manhattan for over 20 years, but yet has never had a chance to see this amazing city. i’m glad i could change that a bit by helping her experience nyc yesterday. as we were finally heading home after a long day walking all over new york city, she said she was tired, but thankful for a good day… of course, mom. anything for you. i’m really looking forward to showing you more and creating more memories.

when you least expect it.

whenever spring rolls around, i always patiently wait for the barren trees to start budding and blossoming. days go by that turn into weeks. slowly but surely colors start to make an entrance. the process always seem to go slower than i think though. march becomes april, which soon enough becomes may. and yet i’m still waiting to see when spring will finally take center stage… however when i looked around today i couldn’t help but notice that there was green all around me. when did spring sneak up on me like that? then it got me thinking… isn’t that how life is? when you wait around it takes forever and a day. but when you finally look away, what you were waiting for all along just happens. it always happens like that… when you least expect it.

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